1100 Male Dog Names

By Kevin Myers | 2020 Update

Naming your new four-legged canine buddy can be fun. With all the fictional characters, historical figures, and food names at your disposal, you can enjoy a free rein to pick the cutest, most unique name for your dog. But the tricky part is to get the entire family to like the name.

Here’s the deal: to find the paw-fect name for your male dog, go through as many as possible, and make a list of your favorite ones. If it is a family dog, then consult your family or your partner and see which ones they like.

Just like baby names, the best male dog names trend in popularity, and you will notice a lot of names pop up after TV shows, famous characters, films, superheroes, and even sports events. Some interesting examples are Bolt, Hulk, and Joey. Another popular trend is giving a human name to your dogs like Oliver, Thomas, or Lucas. Then there are unique dog names that could be both weird and interesting at the same time. And if your boy dog has a strong, fierce personality, you might want to check the list of the best strong male dog names.

We have compiled a list of 1000+ boy dog names and we’ve covered everything from trends to popularity, to famous personality names, foods, and TV shows. These are carefully listed down in sorted categories below so you can easily shortlist your favorite names.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Most Popular Male Dog Names

While it is a little challenging to get a bunch of exciting name ideas on the spot, keeping their unique personality in mind can give you just the right inspiration you’re looking for. However, you may need to go through a lot of names until you find ‘the one’. It is like the name would click to you as you come across it, and you’d know that it is exactly what you wanna call your buddy.

You can’t go wrong with the classics. Names such as Oscar, Charlie, Buddy, and Bruno have a special place when it comes to dog names. If you want to stick to the traditional names that are both classy and simple to remember, this list surely has a name for your new boy pup. Shortlist your favorite ones from the 200 most popular male dog below.

To make it easier for you, let’s start with the most popular male dog names:

1. Toby2. Charlie3. Cooper4. Max
5. Jack6. Bear7. Scout8. Jackie
9. Teddy10. Skipper11. Dexter12. Tucker
13. Buddy14. Bailey15. Riley16. Finn
17. Harley18. Henry19. Brody20. Oscar
21. Blue22. Milo23. Brad24. Murphy
25. Marley26. Leo27. Bruno28. Ozzy
29. Jasper30. Harry31. Bamey32. Alfie
33. Sam34. Monty35. Jake36. Archie
37. Shadow38. Ollie39. Gus40. Duke
41. Angus42. Rocky43. Jackson44. Ginger
45. Baxter46. Winston47. Buster48. Bruce
49. Rufus50. Zeus
51. Beau52. Remington53. Oakley54. Ben
55. Stanley56. Koda57. Diesel58. Chester
59. Hank60. Scooby61. Ranger62. George
63. Casey64. Simba65. Rugger66. Bentley
67. Dixie68. Logan69. Bertie70. Moose
71. Jax72. Harvey73. Juno74. Ruben
75. Gunner76. Ace77. Cody78. Rocco
79. Arlo80. Tank81. Oreo82. Nova
83. Billy84. Sparkly85. Oliver86. Woody
87. Rudy88. Otis89. Merlin90. Louie
91. Huge92. Copper93. Benji94. Bobby
95. Arthur96. Wagner97. Rusty98. Remi
99. Reggie100. Benjamin
101. Austin102. Arnold103. Arnie104. Andre
105. Alpha106. Alex107. Ajax108. Acorn
109. Bubs110. Bill111. Brutus112. Benten
113. Barky114. Bugs115. Dylan116. Duke
117. Dave118. Dash119. Danny120. Dandy
121. Dargo122. Cody123. Chip124. Chase
125. Clark126. Clink127. Casper128. Captain
129. Evan130. Errol131. Eric132. Elon
133. Echo134. Eddie135. Enzo136. Earl
137. Frodo138. Frank139. Fred140. Freddie
141. Fenda142. Flynn143. Falcon144. Romeo
145. Peanut146. Prince147. Rex148. Roscoe
149. Gizmo150. Appolo
151. Coco152. Chico153. Mickey154. Yoda
155. Ziggy156. Mac157. Louie158. Spike
159. Spike160. Sparky161. Paul162. Vader
163. Champion164. Bustre165. Zippy166. Yoshi
167. Hooch168. Homer169. Hero170. Hash
171. Hector172. Han173. Ivan174. Iggy
175. Icon176. Indie177. Johnny178. Jerry
179. Jason180. Jigsaw181. Knotts182. Karl
183. Kenny184. Knuckles185. Kurt186. Nacho
187. Nelson188. Nathan189. Owen190. Odin
191. Oats192. Pluto193. Parker194. Paddy
195. Presley196. Quip197. Quill198. Ronnie
199. Rico200. Raymon
Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash

Most Unique Male Dog Names

When I brought my dog home, I knew I wanted to choose a very unique name for him. It is a critical decision and I didn’t want to call with just another trending and common name. I wanted to name my dog something that was as unique as himself. I start putting down a list of the most uncommon and interesting names that I’d come across. After exploring hundreds of databases, I completed my collection. My winner was Schnitzel but I have tons of other names that you may consider.

Check out my collection below:

201. Robin202. Roxy203. Amadeus204. Albus
205. Flapjack206. Fettuccini207. Copernicus208. Brodie
209. Galileo210. Todd211. Sherlock212. Potato
213. Mowgli214. Moo Shoo215. Mike216. Kevin
217. Ulysses218. Jeff219. Mark220. Matzah
221. Falafel222. Pierogi223. Wonton224. Buzz
225. Churchill226. Beethoven227. Augustus228. Anubis
229. Hemingway230. Rockwell231. Picasso232. Jefferson
233. Tolstoy234. Bilbo235. Atticus236. Hamlet
237. Gatsby238. Gandalf239. Poe240. Pongo
241. Moby242. Watson243. Rhett244. Aldo
245. Rocky246. Arvin247. Blitz248. Astrid
249. Schnitzel250. Franz
251. Herman252. Luther253. Manfred254. Klaus
255. Kasper256. Wolfgang257. Audi258. Opal
259. Deutsche260. Hansel261. Heinz262. Donner
263. Jaeger264. Hund265. Kaiser266. Schnapps
267. Spirits268. Stein269. Beck270. Dunkel
271. Bock272. Charlemagne273. Bach274. Mozart
275. Brahms276. Waldo277. Dirk278. Zyron
279. Corvus280. Inchyra281. Lulworth282. Sterling
283. Ashes284. Moss285. Fisher286. Auster
287. Hobbs288. Rio289. Smokey290. Sanford
291. Rockfeller292. Cimmaron293. Zoar294. Cartwright
295. Meshindi296. Oby297. Sengo298. Oseye
299. Tandi300. Mitch
Photo by Gary Samaha on Unsplash
301. Vinnie302. Boris303. Patch304. Tuck
305. Kovu306. Juju307. Gibson308. Skyler
309. Timmy310. Hobbes311. Piglet312. Mocha
313. Cheerio314. Bean315. Cub316. Zuzu
317. Meatball318. Sprinkles319. Balto320. Governor
321. Denali322. Herc323. Hagrid324. Nana
325. Clifford326. Chex327. Tobin328. Lois
329. Kya330. King331. Flint332. Pepper
333. Midnight334. Darth Vader335. Raven336. Smudge
337. Blanche338. Bjorn339. Bein340. Leif
341. Frode342. Alf343. Saga344. Ingrid
345. Ulf346. Aska347. Akkeri348. Kelby
349. Sune350. Quimby
351. Aaric352. Gunther353. Harold354. Zebedee
355. Jesse356. Neo357. Fuzz358. Puma
359. Buff360. Lynx361. Theodore362. Joe
363. Norman364. Lincoln365. Pops366. Beckett
367. Huxley368. Darwin369. Sunny370. Falstaff
371. Bungee372. Tanner373. Mojo374. Cheeto
375. Biggie376. Rocket377. Summer378. Spencer
379. Sylvan380. Tahoe381. Thornton382. Thaddeus
383. Tenyson384. Toro385. Trojan386. Sonic
387. Tyrion388. Vernon389. Victor390. Vagabond
391. Valentine392. Broderick393. Bogart394. Boots
395. Edmund396. Elway397. Floyd398. Fenton
399. Ford400. Ford
Photo by Josh Bean on Unsplash

Strong Male Dog Names

Does your dog boast a strong personality? It’s best to pick a name that’s as tough and impactful as your dog’s personality. Imagine naming your brawny, tough-looking German Shepherd ‘munchkin’ – what a mismatch!

A suitable name also brings out the best in your dog.

For your tough little guys, I have some very interesting options that you must check out.  

401. TJ402. Lambert403. Hurricane404. Hulk
405. Thor406. Bullet407. Benz408. Admiral
409. Apache410. Archer411. Argos412. Atom
413. Aslan414. Atlas415. Blitz416. Brock
417. Boss418. Caesar419. Chief420. Cerberus
421. Cobb422. Duke423. Ditka424. Denver
425. Dane426. Indiana427. Hunter428. Hero
429. Griffin430. Geo431. K9432. Laser
433. Kodiak434. Maverick435. Macbeth436. Neo
437. Sherman438. Sable439. Rocky440. Rexon
441. Porter442. Tiberius443. Sylvester444. Trooper
445. Vlad446. Wringley447. Bronson448. Bullseye
449. Buck450. Brett
451. Beast452. Caine453. Chomp454. Champ
455. Cy456. Cobra457. Danger458. Dickens
459. Flash460. Dutch461. Ghost462. Highlander
463. Hawk464. Hawkeye465. Hyde466. Joker
467. Khan468. Lennox469. Kong470. Midas
471. Osiris472. Nero473. Mack474. Samson
475. Pyro476. Raven477. Rogue478. Rhett
479. T-Bone480. Tugg481. Tiger482. Vulcan
483. Yukon484. Bandit485. Bender486. Bones
487. Bronx488. Buckeye489. Brewski490. Bully
491. Chavez492. Codex493. Chopper494. Czar
495. Diego496. Fury497. Goliath498. Hoochy
499. Ice500. Hades
501. Jax502. Killer503. Judge504. Koopa
505. Leo506. Maximus507. Maddox508. Ninja
509. Ozzie510. Petey511. Quixote512. Reagen
513. Roosevelt514. Riggs515. Snake516. Sarge
517. Tito518. Tyson519. Wario520. Avalanche
521. Bane522. Bernard523. Brick524. Boomer
525. Bruiser526. Butch527. Bud528. Carlito
529. Churchill530. Chaz531. Dagger532. Courage
533. Debo534. Drax535. Gonzo536. Galactus
537. Hudson538. Hendriz539. Jeckyll540. Jupiter
541. Laika542. Marlowe543. Lex544. Hammer
545. Montana546. Nixon547. Mayweather548. Pistol
549. Pablo550. Ram
551. Rebel552. Ripley553. Rudder554. Whiskey
555. Rum556. Spiky557. Taz558. Ulysses
559. Trapper560. Brigadier561. Bugsy562. Buzzy
563. Cheby564. Damien565. Clint566. Digger
567. Crash568. Dempsey569. Gambino570. Escobar
571. Dre572. Govenor573. Hercules574. Panther
575. Jedi576. Ike577. Lancelot578. Justice
579. Knight580. Armor581. McGruff582. Marshall
583. Nyx584. Paco585. Rambo586. Riptide
587. Porkchop588. Remo589. Ryder590. Storm
591. Shepherd592. Triton593. Wolf594. Banshee
595. Bogie596. Demon597. Francis598. Creed
599. Che600. Jordan
Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

Cool Male Dog Names

Take a look at this list of cool names for your male dog. Most of these funky-sounding names work well for most breeds. If your dog is of great character, the names on this list are surely going to be a great match.

Check them out:

601. Chewy602. Junior603. Abbot604. Alexander
605. Alistar606. Ames607. Angel608. Applejack
609. Arch610. Armstrong611. Hobbit612. Hershey
613. Howie614. Huckleberry615. Hyatt616. Jabba
617. Jacques618. Jase619. Java620. Jaws
621. Jethro622. Jingles623. Jude624. Kendrick
625. Kingston626. Knox627. Kyle628. Kurt
629. Langston630. Lebron631. Leonardo632. Liam
633. Loki634. Lou635. Lucias636. Lupin
637. Majesty638. Majestic639. Maples640. Mario
641. Mars642. Mason643. Mateo644. Maurice
645. Mater646. McGregor647. Mckinley648. McCoy
649. Micah650. Mikoo
651. Miller652. Mischief653. Muppet654. Nash
655. Nelson656. Nemo657. Noah658. Norman
659. Nugget660. Old Yeller661. Onyx662. Orson
663. Pebbles664. Peter665. Poacher666. Puffball
667. Pops668. Poppet669.Quincy670. Puppers
671. Quinton672. Radar673. Ralph674. Gucci
675. Prada676. Reeces677. Reed678. Reuben
679. Ricky680. Rob681. Ringo682. Rudolph
683. Salvatore684. Sammy685. Sativa686. Scooter
687. Scrabble688. Seamus689. Cedrick690. Sebastian
691. Seth692. Sheldon693. Sigmund694. Sinclair
695. Sioux696. Smith697. Snoopy697. Soldier
699. Spuds700. Steve
Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash
701. Bowie702. Elton703. Mercury704. Jazz
705. Beatles706. Legend707. Kona708. Jameson
709. Brie710. DiMaggio711. Payton712. Gretzky
713. Shaq714. Venus715. Winchester716. Wrigley
717. London718. Cali719. Humboldt720. Memphis
721. Tex722. Boba723. Buffy724. Gambit
725. Groot726. Ridley727. Chance728. Cisco
729. Cypher730. Domino731. Othello732. Timber
733. Wizard734. Dusty735. Aladdin736. Alcatraz
737. Ali Baba738. Alpaca739. Basil740. Beowoof
741. Boa742. Blizzard743. Bobo744. Bomber
745. Bookie746. Boriz747. Brewester748. Buckwheat
749. Canyon750. Caspian
751. Crocket752. Conan753. Diddley754. Dale
755. Dante756. Dragon757. Divot758. Dynamo
759. Euphrates760. Falco761. Fergus762. Gage
763. Genghis764. Griswold765. Hinkley766. Hogan
767. Horace768. Hooligan769. Jojo770. Hakoona
771. Kahuna772. Jumbo773. Larry774. Leader
775. Merc776. Monk777. Muscles778. Mufasah
779. Nitro780. Emperor781. Panda782. Pharaoh
783. Popeye784. Quark785. Pasta786. Thumper
787. Trojan788. Vladimir789. Mr. Waddles790. Xerxes
791. Yo Yo792. Xing793. Star794. Zazu
795. Tiny796. Rover797. Gerarld798. Humphrey
799. Theo800. Pollock
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Cute Male Dog Names

So you brought home an adorable little dog?

You can use any element for inspiration while picking an adorable name for your male pup. Movie characters and stars, book characters, famous personalities, drinks, food, games, and places – you name it! When it comes to choosing a cute name for your male dog, the sky is the limit.

Spring your little bud to life by using a cute puppy name from the list below.

801. Whistler802. Noodle803. Archy804. Bee
805. Apricot806. Baby807. Buttons808. Clover
809. CeCe810. Coconut811. Dot812. Eli
813. Jelly Bean814. Freckles815. Mr. Sprinkler816. Muffin
817. Nikka818. Peaches819. Snickers820. Squirrel
821. Toddy822. Waffle823. Todo824. Biscuit
825. Brownie826. Candy827. Cinnamon828. Carter
829. Cookie830. Ginger831. Marshmallow832. Honey Dew
833. Benny834. Bolt835. Bubba836. Corky
837. Cosmo838. Dijon839. Duffy840. Ed
841. Felix842. Goose843. Berry844. Miles
845. Newton846. Pal847. Percy848. Pip
849. Pogo850. Socks
851. Taco852. Spot853. Turbo854. Wade
855. Poppy856. Barnaby857. Taffy858. Mabel
859. Fig860. Mochi861. Mo862. Butters
863. Baloo864. Happy865. Sparks866. Papi
867. Caleb868. Shiitake869. Tess870. Munchkin
871. Stinker872. Scoot873. Song874. Romper
875. Kazoo876. Ferrari877. Fink878. Clay
879. Volt880. Swifty881. Firecracker882. Cowboy
883. Pandora884. Troublemaker885. Discord886. Entropy
887. Mr. Mess888. Havoc889. Anarchy890. Lulu
891. Fido892. Banjo893. Vulcan894. Veto
895. Fudge896. Milkshake897. Strawberry898. Raisin
899. Figaro900. Gideon
Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash
901. Kit Kat902. Puck903. Dob904. Bluto
905. Terminator906. Titan907. Sumo908. Brad Sit
909. Mr. Barkly910. Puppins911. Lucyfur912. Donut
913. Magneto914. Puptimus Prime915. Tequila916. Haru
917. Pikachu918. Totoro919. Aiko920. Cheddar
921. Guinness922. Pickles923. Butterscotch924. Bagel
925. Cupcake926. Caramel927. Fondue928. Kale
929. Oregano930. Meringue931. Macaron932. Pumpkin
933. Pudding934. Nutella935. Nutmeg936. Toffee
937. Snickerdoodle938. Tomatillo939. Cloudberry940. Babka
941. Blintz942. Buttercream943. Cakepop944. Challa
945. Croissant946. Whoppy947. Cream Puff948. Crumpet
949. Crumble950. Concha
951. Custard952. Eclair953. Flan954. Mousse
955. Pie956. Cutie Pie957. Pastry958. Pumpernickel
959. Scone960. Shortbread961. Cheesecake962. Truffle
963. Aloha964. Benedict965. Keanu966. Jonah
967. Clive968. Kennedy969. Napoleon970. Tonka
971. Huron972. Douglas973. Heath974. Lyle
975. Harris976. Turner977. Gabriel978. Wyatt
979. Tamale980. Valentino981. Trout982. Vesper
983. Sauce984. Wesley985. Korben986. Dallas
987. Nick988. William989. Shaggy990. Ernie
991. Wanderer992. Edward993. Sylvester994. Zorro
995. Dolphus996. Goliath997. Snuggles998. Goldie
999. Bijoux1000. Rolo
Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash

100 Two-Word Male Dog Names

If one-word names are not enough for you, we also have a list of 100 two-word names for your male dogs. Match a big name with your dog’s larger than life personality.

And while these very interesting and meaningful names, you do not always have to call out the full name to get your dog’s attention. Pick a short name as a nick and use that more often, especially for training your dog.

Check out our collection below:

1001. Jesse James1002. Doc Holiday1003. Black Panther1004. Artoo Dogtoo
1005. Barky McBarkstein1006.Beau Dacious1007. Biggie Smalls1008. Boba Fett
1009. Boo Radley1010. Albert Alden1011. Baby Banjo1012. Bernie Bernard
1013. Griffin Brian1014. Bruce Wayne1015. Bruce Lee1016. Big Bubba
1017. Buster Brown1018. Buzz Pawldrin1019. Caramel Cappuccino1020. Charlie Brown
1021. Chocolate Chips1022. CJ Clark1023. Cookie Monster1024. Darwin Dane
1025. Doones Bury1026. Elf Elwood1027. Ernest Hemingway1028. Fozzie Bear
1029. Mini Frank1030. Glow Galaxy1031. George Michael1032. Han Solo
1033. Indiana Jones1034. Jacky Jack1035. Jacky Chan1036. Jerry Lee
1037. Jon Snow1038. Johnny Cash1039. Louis Bluey1040. Luke Skywalker
1041. Mac n Cheese1042. Marty McFly1043. Miles Davis1044. Muttley Crue
1045. Obi Wan1046. North Nova1047. Optimus Prime1048. Bumble Bee
1049. Otis Owen1050. Paco Pacino
1051. Peach Patches1052. Peanut Butter1053. Pee Wee1054. Black Pepper
1055. Pip Squeak1056. Pooh Bear1057. Quarz Quasimodo1058. Lucky Louie
1059. Reef Rascal1060. Reese Richards1061. Scooby Doo1062. Sirius Black
1063. Mr. Weasley1064. Tater Tot1065. Tony Romo1066. Van Gogh
1067. Willie Nelson1068. Yogi Bear1069. Ziggy Stardust1070. White Fang
1071. Darth Maul1072. Teddy Bear1073. Deputy Dawg1074. Colonel Golden
1075. Sand Man1076. Scotty Boy1077. Chip Buddy1078. Biscuit Bill
1079. Chuck Norris1080. Hudson Bay1081. Diggie Smalls1082. Jean Luc
1083. Chalupa Batman1084. William Shakespaw1085. Henry VIII1086. Spuds McKenzie
1087. Won Ton1088. 8-Ball1089. Ad Rock1090. Bam Bam
1091. Baba Booey1092. Banshee Stardust1093. Bark Obama1094. Biggity Brown
1095. Bungee Cord1096. Jack Sparrow1097. Dee Yogee1098. San Diego
1099. Dr. Spock1100. Go Zooky

Things to Know Before Choosing a Male Dog Name

I have been noticing interesting trends in dog names, like the use of –er names, such as Tucker, Hummer, Dexter, and Copper, as well as names that are inspired from mythology such as Odin, Thor, Zeus, and Loki. In fact, Loki and Thor were seen as the most used name in the ranking since last year.

Also, there’s a constant likeness towards the classics, of course. From friendly names as Bruno and Charlie to tough ones like Bullet and Rocky – all remain the favorite.

Human Names

Another interesting trend is the use of human names. Once you bring your beloved pet home, they become a part of your family. This is one of the reasons why human names are so popular for pets. Nowadays, it is more likely that you find a dog name Steven instead of Teddy or Fido. That also reflected in the top rankings of the best male dog names this year.

Your new canine buddy could be a Theodore, a Max, a Sebastian – or an Ozzy, a Bosco, or a George. When it comes to choosing the best male dog name, the choices are endless. You have some interesting Irish options like Logan and Murphy and Japanese-inspired names like Kiko. You can stick to the classics if you like to give a more traditional name to your dog.

Humor Factor

Humor is also a trending source for getting the inspiration for naming your dog. Sir Bark-ley, Mr. Bark-a-Lot, and Muttley Crue are some funny names that I really like.

How about you named your Great Dane as Tiny and a Bull Dog as Spark? Interesting, right?

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Breed Factor

Another great way to choose the right name for your male dog is to consider your dog’s breed and his unique personality. These factors can come in really handy for narrowing down your choices. Alaskan-themed names are often considered for Huskies while country names are a popular choice for hunting dogs. If your dog loves water, you can pick an aquatic-themed name. Your inspiration should be in proportion to the type and breed your dog belongs to.


Your new boy pup’s name can be inspired by anything from nature to characters to pop culture and even food. The most important part is that you should love the name. It has to make an instant connection with you and your dog. Every time you say the name, you should experience the spark of happiness that you are calling out your dog!

I hope these top 1100 male dog names helped you make the right choice.

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

Enjoy your journey with your new pet!

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