For Our Canadian Friends

  We stand with our Canadian friends as they deal with this senseless tragedy. We are proud to be your friends and neighbors.

Dr. Sophia Yin

It is with deep sadness that we announce the sudden death of Dr. Sophia Yin on Monday, September 29th. She was an extraordinary human being whose knowledge and passion for the … Read more

Fall Activities for your Dog

With fall approaching, our dogs check the weather blogs daily in anticipation of their favorite season. Fall is a cornucopia of activities our K9 companions live for. The following, incomplete … Read more

The Best Treat Pouch in the World

Treat pouches are not ancillary, they are a necessity when training your dog. However, finding one that is up to snuff has always been a bit bothersome for me. I like … Read more

Rules for Brushing your Dog

For some, brushing and grooming a dog is a ritual on par with the Japanese tea ceremony; an observed, practiced kata that is an art form unto itself. For others, … Read more