Products Dog Lovers Want Invented

  • GPS chips embedded in all dog toys with corresponding iPhone & Android apps for locating them.
  • GPS chips embedded in all dog pills with corresponding iPhone & Android apps for indicating whether they were swallowed or not.
  • A bed that can be made with dogs still on it.
  • An automatic coffee maker that is activated by the sound of a dog shaking its head first thing in the morning
  • A carpet fiber that is puke, pee, poo, mud, slobber, and fur resistant.
  • A light saber like nail clipper that can also cauterize should you nip the quick.
  • Cloaking technology that hides the fur on your clothes.
  • A towel absorbent enough that only one is needed to dry a dog.
  • Kiddie pools for dogs that last more than one summer.
  • Long leashes incapable of wrapping around human ankles or legs.
  • Toys that appeal to only one dog at a time.
  • Stuffed toys that last longer than a few minutes or toys that are priced based on longevity, manufacturers choice.
  • Pig ears that never endanger a dog’s health. (okay I admit that my dog Gavin put that one in there)
  • Self-mending socks.
  • A dog bed that feels comfortable to us so we have something to sleep on.
  • A hyperbaric chamber that keeps our dogs young forever.
  • Bark cancelling headphones.
  • A collar embedded with a lie detector so we know when that “I gotta go pee” look is just a ruse.

There’s room on this list for a lot more so please leave a comment with your ideas. Who knows, maybe your idea will spark a crowd funded puppy product prodigy for all dog lovers to enjoy.

Have a great weekend.


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7 thoughts on “Products Dog Lovers Want Invented”

  1. I love this and must agree with everything on the list. The best one is the leashes not wrapping around legs,feet, ankles. I have been knocked off my feet more then one time. Lucky for me never hurt, well I felt really stupid. I would like one word that what ever they were doing, say the word, and they would stop. I am not the best leader!my youngest will be 2 in January and still forgets to tell me she needs to go out. I have hard food floors. Dog pee/ hardwood floors not a good match! I have try everything but making her stay outside her whole life. I would never do that! Only thing left, diapers on in the house. I think when she goes out she forgets what she is out for. She is blonde!

    • Thanks for the additions Louise. I have permanent scars around both ankles from a nylon long line that I was using with Annie when we first rescued her. She would run away at the drop of a hat and I was working with her, playing ball on a long line. She usually brought the ball back to me and stopped but this time, she dropped the ball on the run, went around me and took off. Actually had to go to the ER for those burns. 🙂

      • Ouch! I have one of those very same burns on the back of my knee… How about wellies that don’t develop holes at that precise moment when you’re ankle deep in a puddle? 🙂

  2. This list made me smile from ear to ear. The gps on pills is brilliant. Dogs seem to know to look right back at you like it is for them to know and for you to either give them more food, or move on to the next thing.

    The carpet and cloak also wonderful and would use. I tell myself that if I don’t look at all the white fur showing up on everything, no one else will look. It is sort of naive and optimistic, but it gets me through the fur covered days.

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