12 Reasons Why Dogs Are Attracted To You

Have you found that random dogs come up to you? Are dogs usually attracted to you, and you wonder why? This guide outlines 12 potential reasons why dogs like you and why you attract them.

Some of the potential reasons why dogs like you include:

  • Dogs think you’re trustworthy
  • You provide dogs with the attention they crave
  • Dogs may like your positive emotions and become happier
  • Pups like your companionship
  • Canines want to protect you
  • Dogs enjoy your calm nature

This guide will explore why dogs are attracted to certain people. 

Dogs Find You Trustworthy

So why are dogs attracted to me? I have found that canines and other animals tend to trust me.

Many people consider it a sign of good character to be liked by dogs. By coming up to you, dogs are granting you as trustworthy. Canines tend to understand your energy and whether you will take care of them.

Generally, animals that are well taken care of by their humans tend to trust other humans. It’s a good bet that a strange dog that comes up to you on the street belongs to someone who takes care of it well.

One study from Japan suggests that dogs don’t trust everyone and don’t provide blind trust. Researchers from Kyoto University uncovered that dogs do determine who is worth trusting. The researchers took dogs into three rounds of testing. 

In the first round of testing, the researchers pointed to a bin containing a treat that the dog would then retrieve. In the second round, a different researcher would point to a bin that did not hold a treat. By the third round, the dogs would only respond to the truthful researchers, ignoring the ones who had previously pointed at empty bins.  

Without any other interactions with the researchers, the dogs in this study were able to form an impression of who was trustworthy and who was not.

You Give Dogs Attention and Love

Dogs are also more likely to bond with people who provide attention and love. Do you happen to look at a dog when you’re walking down the street? Have you petted the dog before, or do you go up to chat with the owner? If so, you’ve likely given this dog the attention and love he desires. As such, the pup gets drawn to you. 

If you’ve ever given the dog a treat, he will also act enamored with you. Dogs tend to bond with those who feed them.

You Transfer Your Feelings of Happiness and Love to the Dog

When you see a friendly canine walking on the street, you might act happier and even show your love for the dog by petting it. You may have transferred your positive emotions of happiness and devotion to the pup.

Positive and happy interactions with humans can cause a dog’s body to release oxytocin, leading to the warm and fuzzies. Research also shows that when dogs and their owners cuddle and interact, both gain an elevation of oxytocin, which is related to positive emotions. Since the canine likes to seek these happy feelings, you may attract dogs through your joyful mood.

Dogs Seek Your Companionship

Certain dogs in your neighborhood may look for other humans to become their companions, especially if the owners are away for long periods. If a dog seeks your companionship, it may not have spent enough time playing outdoors with its owner.

Sometimes dogs who seek you out may merely act clingy and require more attention than one person can provide. In general, natural selection has led dogs to become better companions for humans.

A Dog Wants to Protect You

You may find a dog at your friend’s house coming to sit by your side. When this happens, the dog may try to protect you. When a dog sits or stands by your side, he guards you and lets you know his love for you.

Sometimes, a dog may stand guard outside your home to ensure no shady individual tries to harm you. Whether you are the dog’s owner or a family friend, a dog may come near you and get drawn to you because he’s looking to protect you.

Dogs May Sense that You Are a Good Person

You may not believe it, but dogs can sense whether you are a good person or not. Essentially, canines can tell your behavior based on your body language, and they can even understand how you are feeling. Dogs can sense whether someone is angry, fearful, or even dangerous.

There is some evidence to suggest that dogs can recognize a bad person. Along with reading body language, dogs use their sense of smell to determine whether someone is safe. So if a dog has adopted you, you may have passed a battery of tests without knowing it.   

Your Calm Nature May Attract Dogs

People with a calm nature tend to attract animals. If you’re a calm and peaceful person, dogs may become drawn to you; wanting to share your energy. When you stay calm, a dog is more likely to want to spend time with you and explore the world with you by its side.

Calmness is essential if you don’t want to make a pup feel threatened. Your peaceful nature will attract the animal and transfer your positive energy.

You May Match Their Personality and Energy Level

Often, pups tend to find a person they like based on an energy level similar to theirs. If the dogs are more hyperactive, they’ll choose someone extroverted to follow around. On the other hand, dogs that are more calm and relaxed tend to spend time with others having a calm nature.

In general, dogs want to spend time with someone having a personality similar to their own. 

Your Pheromones and Aura May Attract Dogs

Your pheromones may have a particular scent that attracts canines. You may even wear cologne, perfume, or use scented shampoo that draws neighborhood dogs your way. 

Your friendly aura around puppies and other animals may also attract the dogs your way. As long as you don’t act fearful or anxious around your neighbors and their dogs, you’ll see more of them coming up to your side.

You may have a more welcoming aura and beneficial pheromones that attract dogs.

Dogs May Like How You Talk

The puppies and older canines you attract in your neighborhood may enjoy hearing you talk. They may like the sound of your voice or that you communicate with them in simple ways. Canines may notice your body language and the pitch of your voice, giving them a better understanding of your emotions.

Canines tend to like people who speak calmly and softly when interacting with animals and people.

You are Non-threatening to the Dogs

When a dog likes you and gets near you, you are not seen as a threat to the animal. Your calm, peaceful nature helps exhibit that you are a non-threatening person who will not hurt the pet. Dogs pay attention to your mood by looking at your body language and using their superior sense of smell.

Dogs can sense whether you are safe to be around or a potential threat.

The Dogs May Feel You Need to Be Comforted

At times, a dog may tell whether you need comforting. For example, dogs can tell when you’re sick or feeling sad. Man’s Best Friend will lend comfort and aid to their owners.

Researchers have found that dogs tend to pay more attention to their owners when they pretend to cry instead of hum or talk. Dogs drawn to you may believe you need cheering up or comforting. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Do Random Dogs Always Come to Me?

As previously mentioned, multiple reasons exist why a random dog may come up to you. They may get attracted to your scent, become happier around you due to your joyful mood, or sense that you’re a good and safe person based on your body language.

They may become familiar with you after several months of seeing you outdoors. It is also possible that they like your scent, especially if you smell like food.

Why Are Dogs Drawn to People?

Dogs have been bred over centuries to become man’s best friend and find companionship among people. Furthermore, dogs raised in a family environment tend to see others as extended family. 

Can Animals Sense If You’re a Good Person?

Research shows that animals like dogs can sense if someone is trustworthy. In the same vein, dogs can tell if someone is a good person by picking up on body language and emotions such as anger or fear. Canines are more aware if danger lurks around the corner.

In addition, pups tend to gravitate toward calm people who pose no threat. As such, dogs can sense if someone is a good person.

Why Do Dogs Lick People?

There are several reasons why dogs tend to lick people. First, the dog may be quite affectionate. Also, a pup may seek more attention, so he starts licking his owners. They may also have instincts that tell them to clean up their owners by licking them.

Sometimes, dogs like the salty taste on a human’s skin, so they may keep licking you.

Wrap Up

If you’ve seen dogs coming up to you regularly on the street or a friend’s dog trying to befriend you, you may have wondered why these animals are drawn to you. After reading this information, you should know exactly why random dogs get attracted to you.

With this knowledge in mind, you will understand these wonderful pets better than ever before.

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