The Best Treat Pouch in the World

treatpouchTreat pouches are not ancillary, they are a necessity when training your dog. However, finding one that is up to snuff has always been a bit bothersome for me. I like the clip-on kind with an easily washable pocket, yet finding one that is well made, well designed, and worth the money has not been easy.

Most of the ones I’ve seen in stores or online advertised for the purposes of treat dispensing, even the expensive ones, come with plastic clips that will eventually break and stitching that looks like one of my attempts at darning socks. Which, by the way, damns the socks so I don’t know why they call it darning.

After a recent trip to a local pet store I found only one brand of treat pouch and it was so cheaply made and overpriced, I decided to forgo the rest of my purchases. Driving home, I passed a Lowes and remembering that I needed some roofing nails, stopped inside. As I made my way towards the nail isle, I passed an end cap where sat the answer to my prayers… a magnetic nail pouch.

Sturdily made (hey it’s made for nails) it has a metal clip that is larger than most treat pouches and won’t break after a few sessions. It holds more than enough treats for a session with all four of my dogs at the same time and it has a large magnet on the front that allows me to toss it at the side of the fridge when I’m done where it sticks solid. And best of all it cost less than most of the cheaply made pieces of crap I’ve seen and purchased over the years.

So, if you like a good treat pouch for very little money that is functional and will last, stop at Lowes and pick one of these up. If you would like to order online you can find it by clicking on the image or by clicking here.

Happy treating and training,