The Diarrhea Diary

As someone who has lived with dogs most of his life, I am used to the occasional bouts of bowel bedlam and tummy tumult that visit themselves upon my dogs from time to time. However, dealing with 4 unhappy gastrointestinal tracts at one time is new to me.

Unfortunately, we have only ourselves to blame. Either the dogs got bad raw bones the day before or the more likely culprit was a chicken breast past its prime. In any event I arrived home late Friday afternoon to find the caa caa carnage.

At first it thought it was just Annie that was sick, but the sheer scale of the milieu suggested a quartet over a soloist. A suspicion soon confirmed when I ushered everyone outside where they quickly each took to their own corner of the yard.

After I checked them out to make sure there was no signs of serious injury. I went back inside to do battle. Armed with towels, scrub brushes, and a carpet cleaner, I battled though while managing not too gag. A neat trick considering that I’d spent most of the previous week doing exactly that.

With the mess somewhat abated, I turned my attention back to the dogs and what to do for them next. I knew that I needed to keep them off food for about 24 hours and that I would start them back with some rice and a small bit of boiled chicken; but what should I do to help alleviate their symptoms for the mean time? Should I supplement their water with little electrolytes because of the fluid loss?

Because of where I live coupled with the start of the July 4th holiday weekend, calling any of my local vets was not an option. So, I checked some references in books and on the net along with a few solicitous tweets for advice and decided on Pepto & Pedialyte therapy.

All dogs seem on the mend now, but I’m afraid Tosha may have injured a ligament in her right rear leg from straining while doing so many squats. We will have to wait until after the holiday to find out.

My question is what have you done when you found yourselves in similar situations? What kind of home remedies have you used when supporting your dogs through non-emergency situations? Do you know of a good compendium of home remedies for life’s little upsets?

Once again here’s hoping this week brings as little upset as possible into all our lives.


Kevin, Jackie, Gavin, Elbee, Annie, Tosha


7 thoughts on “The Diarrhea Diary”

  1. Ugh, sorry you had to go through that. Darby gets an occasional bout of diarrhea — we have yet to figure out why, but once a season or so we’re doomed for a bad weekend. I’ve used Immodium before to mitigate the immediate symptoms (just plain Immodium, none of those fancy versions with added stuff in it) and moved him to a rice and baby food diet for about 24 hours before slowly switching him back to his regular diet.

    Here’s hoping the coming week is kinder to you (and your carpet).

  2. Oh boy, that is no fun! Yes, Pepto and Pedialyte (depending on the degree of dehydration) are the usual home remedies, along with the 24 hour fast and bland meals after. Sounds like you got it all figured out.

    Personally I haven’t used Pepto yet. I’m more in favor letting the body to work things out on its own. But our guys actually never had “food poisoning”. Their issues were of different nature, such as food allergy, infection or intestinal flora out of whack.

    After things settle a bit you might considering adding some probiotic to restore the flora also. Do watch for fever and diarrhea lasting longer than 24 hours to make sure you don’t have an infection on your hands.

    Oh boy, injured ligament from straining so much? Is there a major limp?

    • Unfortunately, Jana, yes there is. She is walking on it (when she walks) in such a way that I fear some possible ACL damage. We’re treating her with kid gloves right now and waiting until the vets come back from the fourth. Hopefully I am wrong and it’s just a strain but will have to wait to see.

      Thanks for recommendations, I am going to try a bit of plain yogurt to help boost the intestinal flora.

  3. Oh noes!! I cannot imagine what the house smelled like OR looked like when you got home :O What a wonderful 4th. of July surprise 🙁

    Can’t say that Jersey gets serious tummy troubles like that, but the yogurt suggestion seems like a good start to helping the dogs get back on track.

  4. I keep a couple of cans of pumpkin on hand at all times for any bouts of stomach upset. (Just plain canned pumpkin – not pumpkin pie filling.) The dogs love it, and it really helps with loose bowels.

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